Donald L. Ward is a well-loved and respected “Fortune Level Mentor” and “Team Builder” who is connected professionally to over 28,000 Decision Makers and personally connected to nearly 5000 at the heart level. No problem is unsolvable to Don Ward and his team.

Mr. Ward's deep passion is helping people with socially responsible global impact dreams accomplish their visions considered important enough to be, as Don states, “worth dying for.”

What is most unique when it comes to solving Community, State, National or Global issues is the massive network of ABOVE C LEVEL players and Fortune Trainers he has access to in order to build teams for specific solutions.


Donald has never been a hire-by-the-hour type of trusted consultant/adviser. He charges by the size of the problem he faces with his client and the value the client puts on solving that specific problem. When providing answers to such more massive problems for companies, governments or even NGO'S and Non-Profits, the fee is based on the value of his teams solving solutions. 


Mr. Ward loves it when he gives counsel to a Founder or CEO and they say, “No one in our Industry does that.” He will then say…”repeat that three times very slowly.” Suddenly the lights go on for them. “NOBODY IN OUR INDUSTRY does that!!!!” There it is....GAME CHANGER. 


Don Ward believes the advantage of not being pegged to one Industry alone but to over 15 Industries and over 40 different types of businesses verticals, is not being stuck in the same fish bowl (Mind Set) of any one given Industry. 


Just as people are to stand-out and just not fit-in, so is one’s Company and so does Mr. Ward. Counter intuitive perhaps....strategies and insights, he says, come as “G-Mails” to his mind and spirit which he then imparts to his client with effectiveness and fortitude only a G-Mail can provide. 


Don, himself a humble man says, “Humility is the ability to learn and grow. If your trusted advisers and/or mentors are not still pursuing greater understanding and knowledge, they can only lead you as far as they themselves have gone."


Donald Ward has authored, to-date 128 e-books, some of which are available for sale on through this website, each highlighting his areas of knowledge and understanding, yet refreshing to his friends and clients who always end up as more than clients, but also friends. 


Don is available for a phone conference at 407.435.4047 between  7am and 9pm EST. If he is unable to answer at that moment, Don will return your call at the time you request the next day, or text you a time slot that would afford time enough to hear your need or situation. You can also reach out to us through our convenient contact form.


Honored to Serve,

Donald  Ward 

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