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We can all agree that when helping others to solve problems, their problems are for some reason always easier to solve than our own. What makes that possible is having the right questions brought before us. We usually stay clear of asking ourselves the right questions when dealing with a problem, because we are more likely to see our own contributions to those problems existing in the first place. OUCH. 


When writing my books on loan from my maker, I have two markets for which I write. Presently, 120 E-Books are awaiting professional editing services. the 8 that are now available for leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries of all degrees of "success / accomplishment / maturity) are languaged not for the church folks, per se, but for people of all world views. Still very counter intuitive and chocked full of fleshed out revelation / wisdom.



Nuclear Family

"Membership" is not my favorite descriptive. I prefer NUCLEAR FAMILY as it is more in context of my various circles of influence. We are to all submit one unto the other, which means NO ONE is to come under anyone but only come

alongside of people / companies / ministries. Religion is no different, typically, than Corporate thinking in that regard. You are always to come under someone, but GOD clearly says submit one unto the other.


Donald L. Ward is a well loved and respected “Fortune Level Mentor” and “Team Builder” who is connected professionally to over 28,000 Decision Makers and personally connected to nearly 5000 at the heart level. No problem is unsolvable to Don Ward and his team.

A deep passion for Mr. Ward is helping people with socially responsible global impact dreams accomplish their visions considered important enough to be, as Don states, “worth dying for.”

What is most unique when it comes to solving Community, State, National or Global issues is the massive network of ABOVE C LEVEL players and Fortune Trainers he has access to in order to build teams for specific solutions.



“Favorite Donisms”

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Mr. Ward has walked me through in 7 weeks turning my company from being totally stressing in my life to a blessing in my life.  While doing so he was helping me to see who I was in the whole scheme of things, my purpose, my destiny and place in the world around me.

Then when a couple years later after he was no longer a pt time Interim CEO for me any longer. I called and he helped me to close the business down and remove all the stress, sell the property for twice the appraisal amount and pay cash for a home on the water.  He became a spiritual father, and friend for  life who is always a call away at about any hour of the day.

Truly a blessing in the lives of those he serves personally and corporately.

Feeling Grateful

Stacy B Journey